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Sticker Stamper Tool for Substance Painter

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This is a tool for Substance Painter using a Substance file containing 20 stickers, with an easy switcher where every sticker is named, and various parameters to change their look.

- Substance Designer project provided for modding and using own sticker collection (if you have SD).

- ‘Aging’ parameter.

- Custom image input in tool for quickly plugging in own image.

- You can use the sticker images commercially.

Requirements: Substance Painter 2 or 1.

Usage instructions: Drag and drop the PL_Sticker_Stamper_01.sppr file into Substance Painter’s Shelf.

Use on an empty layer with Height set to Normal.

To use a custom image as a stamp in Substance Painter without editing the tool in Substance Designer, drag and drop an image with transparency into the 'Custom Stamp' image input at the bottom of the tool, and switch the 'Use Custom Sticker' parameter to True.

To load in your collection, open the .sbs in Substance Designer, import your images (up to 20), plug them into the Multi Switch node, and update the sticker names under Sticker Type in Input Parameters.

(For Substance Painter 1 you have to create the tool on your own using the .sbsar file provided. Here's how it looks in SP2 - )

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Sticker Stamper Tool for Substance Painter

3 ratings
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